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[Interview] FM OSAKA BUZZ ROCK 1015~2012/10/15

the GazettE~FM OSAKA BUZZ ROCK 1015~2012/10/15

Original en Inglés:
REITA: It's been 2 years... It totally feels like: Ah it's here! It's here! 

I: I'd said it once before though, but those customers who had joined the live for like 2 or 3 times, the passion is still there. And they are like: Ah finally you're back!

AOI: Well, the feeling of 'Tadaima' is not really there. 

KAI: lol

REITA: It is there! 

AOI: But still it's there. 

KAI:  lol

AOI: Still, we had said our feelings during lives. Eh am I being too serious? 

I: No it's ok we're listening. (Ruki: sniff) 

I: There is song made by the leader. 

KAI: Yeah. Honestly there weren't thoughts (Ruki: sniff) to make one but then somehow myself made it gradually. But since we want to show DIVISION to the world so we really have to do it putting in all our effort. We closed ourselves for it right? 

AOI: That feeling!

Everyone: lol

I: Leader!!!

I: The videos, even the timing too, (Ruki:sniff) even the names too are very nice. Tomorrow, last live will be at Kansai, Kobe Bunka Hall. Then next year 3/10, after 3 years, at Saitama Super Arena, there will be tour final. It starts at Yokohama Arena and ends at Saitama Super Arena. Then there was 10th anniversary live this year. I'm sure there are some special memories. What you think, bassist? 

REITA: Eh? ... Eh? (lol) 

Everyone: lol 

REITA:  It's fast. 

I: It's fast. (Ruki: sniff)

REITA: Yeah it is. I'd said it before, but, Thank you. (Ruki: longer sniff)

I: So do here too. And everyone. lol (Ruki: sniff) Thinking back of the 10th anniversary live this year, what you think about it, leader? 

KAI:  Yeah right.. Before we ..(Ruki: longer loud sniff)do it it don't really feel like it but now it feels a lot like ' YES I MADE IT' . Like finally it'd been 10 years, though I only did it for 9 years (lol)

Everyone: lol

REITA: It's surely not 10 years. 

KAI: But as for band, it's been 10 years. And next year the DVD will be out. 

I: January right? 

KAI: I really hope everyone will look at it *starts laughing hohoho*

RUKI: Isn't it great? 

URUHA: Right right. It's great 

AOI:  It's not something cheap too. 

KAI:  It's really a good one, and uncut so please do look at it. 

I: Right its really good to look at it. And it's uncut, it'll be released next year January, please do enjoy the live DVD

I: Staffs here posted on twitter yesterday night (today in BuzzRock), to ask members about anything since all of them will be here today. It's not easy, people from all around the world.. 

URUHA: All around the world?

RUKI:  All around the world...


URUHA: Wow.. 

I: Comments from Serbia... For example, America's Donika (name), 14yo girl, said, please tell Reita this, Reita is the sexiest in this world. 

RUKI: Ummmm....

Everyone: Ahhhh...

REITA:  Almost.. almost..She's there.

REITA:  Donika? 

I: Yes, Donika. 14yo..

REITA:  Arara.. (sounds disappointed)

I: She came from Boston.

REITA:  Wow.. cool.

KAI:  Wow..It really sounds like a lie hehehe lol (till no voice)

I: Then this comment from Florida, 20yo girl, she said, my dream is to work together with Kai even just one day.

KAI:  Work together? 

I: Work for Kai. 

REITA: Kai is scary. 

KAI: For sure for sure. 

I: It's being asked by everyone from the world, in an interview, Ruki (Ruki:sniff) said he wants to do live in Europe again. They asked how is Asia? How about Brazil?

RUKI: Somehow... There were thoughts on that, but it's my personal feeling, *sniff* but not easy to do it. 

I: That means the probability is almost.. none and very low?

RUKI:  It's not like that, and it's not only me. 

KAI:  hehehe

URUHA: hn hn hn hn XD

RUKI: I just said it without controlling myself. *sniff*

URUHA: So you just simply saying it?

RUKI: I want to go Hawaii.

I: You want to go there for vacation? Wait no, live? 

RUKI:  Live live. America too, Europe too *sniff* Even though we can't do it but we wanted to. 

I: Everyone.. It's their feelings and thoughts ne. 

URUHA: Yeah, our feelings. 

AOI: The feeling is there, yeah it's there 

RUKI: sniff

AOI: but it's only for tonight. 

KAI:  hahahaa lolol

REITA: What what?! 

I: What does that means? 

AOI:  Wait wait no no. Totally different. 

I: Please do answer it seriously. It's a question from the world. 

AOI: Sorry sorry I didn't mean to say that. I just wanted to make a good comment.

I: It's their feelings, please do give them hope. 

KAI:  Yes yes. 

URUHA: Thanks everyone from the world.

I: Let's go domestic. A comment from Tasurabu, I will enjoy this live at Kobe. It's been 10 years! Does member think that they had changed?

RUKI:  Kai-kun...

KAI: Ahh..

RUKI: How to say this.. 

KAI: Hand drum? 

I: Something like air drum? 

Everyone: *mumbles* Eh eh → *laughs* 

REITA: shut up XD

I: Isn't it like a talk of rhythm? 

RUKI:  Kai-kun.. Kai-kun.. Kai-kun..

REITA:  If realized it's like pachi pachi pachi

KAI:  hehehe 

AOI: pachi pachi pachi

KAI:  hehehe

REITA: It's involuntary. Even you don't want to do it, you'll still do it. 

I: You have personal practice right?

KAI: Even now, I don't really have time for it. 

I: Rila from Kyoto, she asked, why Aoi and Reita never splashed water? 

AOI: That? that? I did throw bottles.. Water will wet boobs. 

KAI: *laugh till no voice*

AOI:  Since it's a serious time..

REITA:  I did explained on other radio. When I put water in mouth, and walked front, water will go inside throat. And water moves around in mouth 

Everyone: HAHAHAHA

RUKI:  What? 

REITA: Then I stopped.

I: It's interesting. 

RUKI: It went into my nose before. 

I: Therefore you never did it?

REITA: Nope.

RUKI:  sniff

REITA: Nope. 

RUKI: sniff

I: From Nagamira of Osaka, During the times not in live, where do you feel happiness? 

REITA:  Isn't it not like here?

AOI: What what?



AOI: You go back. Go back. 

I: Moe from Hitagata, Kai-san, a little too early till your birthday but, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

KAI: Thanks! 

I: I'll be 18 on that day!

Aoi,Kai everyone: Congrates!

I: Aime from Chiba, do you have any birthday you remember the most? I feel so excited with my first birthday celebration. from 21yo girl.

RUKI:  Feels like that only at 20.. kinda pityful.

URUHA: Pitiful.. 

RUKI:  Pitiful..

 REITA: Kai-kun is the best right.. In live.. 

AOI: THat time there were lots of presents. 

REITA:  I got so shocked after live. 

REITA:  I rarely do anything on my birthday. Once long time ago, member gave me present. Aoi...somehow he put something inside my pocket, some what tabaco (used). It's really irritating.

Everyone: lol

REITA: Ruki.. He treated me cola and potato chips. 

AOI: Like a kid. 

Everyone: lol

AOI: what? when was this?

REITA: It's something like 10 years ago.

 REITA: He gave me chips and said Happy Birthday! But I felt very happy. Even though it feels desparate. 

RUKI:  I only have potato chips. 

REITA:  thinking back, those potato chips looks kept long. 

Everyone: hahaha

I: How about Uruha?

URUHA:  I don't really receive birthday wishes. Like.. no.

REITA: Just like receiving mails? 

RUKI: For me it's like.. *sniff*

KAI: There sure will be mail from Reita. 

I: There are so many feelings in this 10 years right? 

REITA:  It's kinda irritating. Why are you're always the first? 

I: The image of the GazettE.. Love between members XD

REITA:  At 1159, I'd finished typing the mail and put my finger at 'send' button. 

REITA:  I like everyone in the band. 

I: The reaction between the small Ruki and Reita..

Everyone: HAHAHAHA

RUKI: What is all this?

Everyone: HAHAHAHA

RUKI:  Wait nono. 

KAI: Irritating XD 

I: It's a good thing right?

AOI:  Right. 

RUKI: cough

I: The last live in Kansai tomorrow at Kobe and tour final 3/10 at Saitama Super Arena, 11th anniversary. 

RUKI: sniff sniff

I: Then it's time to choose a song to play. This number 11. 

RUKI:  ummm ummm ummm... ummm? number 11.. 

I: there are many songs in english. Please do introduce this song.

RUKI: Yeah This from the GazettE. Rikuaiereddo Maruquiedfanshion *long sniff*

*song plays*

Traducción Inglés: @pikachuzuru  


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